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“My bottom belly was gone! I'd contemplated having that thing sucked out many times, but if you've ever had a face-lift and a brow lift and felt the pain of that, it makes you pause before doing anything else too invasive.” ? Adena Halpern

Adena Halpern

“This, Sebastian is no mere purse. And, you shouldn't call a handbag a purse.....a bag, on the other hand, is meant to be seen.”

Candace Bushnell

“Depressed beyond what I'd previously thought possible, I stripped, showered, and slipped on a fresh pair of jeans and a tee shirt and headed for my mom's, trying to figure out why a bank would charge twenty dollars for insufficient funds when they know you don't have it.”

Kit Frazier

“I am the Merlin, bane of the Vale, terror of the four lands. I am chaos and shadows, the last of my people.”

Jennifer Silverwood

“Between dainty bites, she told Amie, 'Oh, you simply are as darling a creature as Henry described! I had no idea of your being so grown up! Henry, she is positively frazzleging!' Amie deepened her smile, saying, 'And I had no idea you would be so pretty either, madam.”

Jennifer Silverwood

“Liza took her time sipping her tea. “That’s what I hear Janet. Of course, living it up can take years off your life and add them to your face.” ? Gwenn Wright

Gwenn Wright

“Here’s a passage that captures their reaction when Sarah, Vivi and Joanie finally pay attention to their investment account when they have to vote on the purchase of private shares in a bank but then realize that by doing so, they are millionaires.“Today’s price is….”Gina’s eyes fell to her lap. Odd that more of the club members had ever asked her this before. Although she’d been reluctant to share this information, she would have if asked…”one thousand dollars a share.”Sarah tapped in the numbers. Her face lit up, she let out a series of peeps then tossed the calculator to Joanie.‘Holy shit!” Joanie’s jaw dropped. He held onto the bottom of her chair and rocked forward. “Almost a half a million dollars.”Cha-cha. Ching. Big Bucks.“We’re loaded.” Vivi jumped up so fast her boobs almost spilled out of her top. “I’m a rich bitch.”“Eat my shorts! I should have paid more attention to our account,” Joanie said cracking her knuckles. “I just assumed we had about one hundred thousand together, well, we, I man, with just hat one stock? Flipping amazing.”“Gina, you stinker.” Sarah squirmed in her seat with both eyes in a tic pattern. “ Attenzione tutti, first time in my career that I’ve been out to lunch on an account and now I’m psyched to the max.”Vivi beat her chest with her hands. “Hush my puppies. I’m switching to Haagen-Dazs tonight. I’ll get front row tickets to see Jimmy Buffet. I’ll get my lips pumped up and lipo on my ass. Dangit, my list is long”Gina squeezed Joanie’s shoulder. “Are you in?”“Do snakes have both sex organs? Does a naval orange have a navel? Does our flag have stars and stripes?” Joanie shot both arms in the air. “Freaking yes!”Everyone agreed. Unanimous.With the air around them crackling with electricity, the ladies joined hands and shared a moment of financial rah-rah gal power.”

Debbie Dyke

“Looks like my superpowers don’t come with automatic manicures, thank heaven. I hate long nails.”

Jennifer Silverwood

“If Emrys was acting normally, like the typical self-gratifying narcissist he was, then it would have been easier to keep him in that special category of potential enemy.”

Jennifer Silverwood

“I already feel like the Girl Who Lived around here.”

Jennifer Silverwood